Just a few things about me first I am a local artist. It's a profession I’ve gained through experience and an insatiable curiosity to make and remake.  As a mother of 4 children I have a never-ending faith and hope because, well, I have to. I’ve lived in Calgary, AB almost exclusively but if you have ever been to Bunbury, Western Australia please let me know and we can compare notes.  I am also a great armchair traveller and lover of nature because I consider the world as an unending source of inspiration.   

I have always loved making figures and faces, the more unique the better!  I remember in Elementary School making a replica of ‘Bonhomme’ (the mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnival) for my French class project and realizing ‘Hey! Maybe I'm good at this!’  Making things that are not typical or expected is what I love to create.  What a person makes from their thoughts and feelings are what I consider a tangible, touchable form of empathy.  

I use clean white clay surfaces that are as limitless as a painter’s canvas and with light, joyous coloured glaze as my palette.  I believe that beauty and innovation are not mutually exclusive and making your world as amazing as you need it to be is perfectly acceptable.